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Subject:  Re: Brinker Still Advising GNMA funds Date:  7/13/2008  11:11 AM
Author:  desertdaveataol Number:  1063 of 1109

Bob Brinker opens virtually every show that he hosts with a recoup of the past week's market. So to say that he "missed" the current downturn is a bit of a stretch. He's reported every step down.

Just because he hasn't reacted to the market's recent moves in the same way you have, or wish him to, doesn't mean he's not on top of the situation. Just because he hasn't offered some advice you seem to expect doesn't mean he's under any obligation to offer it just to make you happy.

I can not, and do not claim to, speak for Bob Brinker. Also, I'm not a subscriber to his newsletter so I'm not privy to any information or reasoning given there. That being said, it is my impression that he advises "investment" as opposed to "trading" for his listeners and subscribers.

Recently another TMF board member, who's investing acumen I very much admire, who had (chronologically) followed me into investing in Vanguard's GNMA fund got out of it because she perceived net asset value fluctuation to the downside.

I stayed in.

More recently she's jumped back into Vanguard's GNMA fund because recent events have convinced her that the fluctuation was just that.

Assuming she earned ~5% on her money during the time she was out of Vanguard's GNMA fund, there's still the little matter of broker fees. While she was out and about I was earning ~5% and keeping those brokerage fees (and taxing consequences) in my pocket.

Of course Brinker's advice isn't limited to Vanguard's GNMA fund or Vanguard, but Brinker's advice is geared toward asset safety and long term investment. Since you choose not to follow his advice, I'm wondering just where you would have put the money you seemingly would have taken out of the market 20% ago? Assuming, of course, that you foresaw the current slump in time to get out at the exact top.

Where did you in invest?

How much is the money earning now?

Are your investments up or down for the period?

Inquiring minds want to know.
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