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Subject:  Re: How to save a drowned camera Date:  7/28/2008  3:59 PM
Author:  Watty56 Number:  15303 of 23188

That reminds me of an old story, at best this is probably more of urban legend than a true story;

A young photographer gets a job as an assistant with a well known photographer on a big wilderness trip.

While they are on a river a large camera bag with expensive equipment falls overboard into the churning water.

The assistant jumps overboard to retrieve the bag and with much difficulty he gets it and is swimming back to the boat where the veteran photographer is hold the boat steady with the oars. When he gets close to the boat, the boat suddenly shifts in the current and hits him on the head. He drops the bag.

He again with difficulty he retrieves the bag, and the same thing happens, WACK and he drops the bag again. Again he retrieves it and the same thing happens.

Finally he barely makes it to shore and collapses in exhaustion without the bag.

That evening he is apologizing for not being able to retrieve bag when the veteran photographer says; “That’s OK, it was insured against loss, but not for water damage, for a while there I was afraid that you would actually be able to get it back in the boat.”

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