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Subject:  Re: New Name? Date:  8/5/2008  12:39 AM
Author:  havefunsaving Number:  178 of 597

I like Foolingo or Foolidex.

I like Foolingo. I'm not wild about Flossary. (Sorry Dave!) It makes me think of flossing, dentists' drills, spitting in that little bowl, etc. Not exactly the best mind-picture for those of us who are dentist-phobes!

On the other hand, ones like fWiki, etc., conjure... ummm... well... less-than-savory things. (Think: Eddie Murphy's older routines crossed with Wikipedia.)

I think I like the "one-L" Foolingo better than two "L"'s. It has a bit of a visual ring to it.

I'm gonna see what I can come up with. I'm not the most creative person in the world, but I did help a friend by suggesting a slight tweaking to the sub-title of her book. She liked it and changed the title just before publishing. And I have the autographed copy with a note thanking me for the change to prove it! :o)

I briefly considered Foolia, but I'm not sure I really like that one. (I see Foolio has been suggested.) I was thinking it evoked a Latin feel (as in plural of Foolium), and used the ending of "pedia." But I'm guessing (hoping? praying?) there is something better out there that someone will come up with besides Flossary. (Or up with which someone will come. lol) No offense meant. It's just that I'm not wild about trips to the dentist.

Also, feel free to thoroughly trash anything I suggest. I won't take offense. After all, now is not the time to be bashful. Now is the time for all good Fools to be completely candid. Once it's out there as a done deal, well...

I'm still hoping Flossary can be improved upon. But if it becomes the nom by which it is known, I'll fully support it.

BTW... I'm honored to be having any input in this arena at all. Thanks for listening!

Best regards,
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