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Subject:  Re: Obama - Family First! Date:  8/20/2008  10:09 PM
Author:  ChurchyLaFemme Number:  13884 of 116904

Oh...the lib mantra --- 'shoot the messenger' if you don't like the news?


Now, what would you think if it appeared in the NY Times?


Don't read the NY Times.

Didn't shoot the messenger. Just don't believe the message without further research. Since you will never post a link to anything complimentary of Obama, I can only conclude that you're not interested in truth, only in your own agenda.

Virtually everything I can find on the brouhaha has a right-wing slant, especially the tired right-wing smear tactics about Osama being Muslim with the implication that he would be a traitor. The ones that don't point out the questionable journalism involved.

I don't really care if Obama has a half brother who's 20 or so years younger than he is. It's got nothing to do with issues facing the US and all the frothing at the mouth surrounding his half-brother is just another pathetic attempt by right-wing sociopathic scum to lie their way to power again.

OK, I believe you. He has a half brother. BFD.

Happy now?

Barack's half brother is just about as important to me as McCain's adultery back about 30 years ago. I don't frigging care about it.

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