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Subject:  Re: Obama - Family First! Date:  8/20/2008  10:46 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  13886 of 117603

Churchy: "I don't really care if Obama has a half brother who's 20 or so years younger than he is. It's got nothing to do with issues facing the US and all the frothing at the mouth surrounding his half-brother is just another pathetic attempt by right-wing sociopathic scum to lie their way to power again.

OK, I believe you. He has a half brother."

Well, you should..he actually visited him not long ago. Remember the pics of him in native dress?

OK..if you didn't like that source, you can check out any of these sources. Likely tomorrow it will be in the WSJ and NY Times as well.

"George, who recently enrolled in a local technical college, has met Obama twice: when he was 5-years-old and in 2006 when the senator visited Nairobi.

"It was very brief, we spoke for just a few minutes," George recalled of the 2006 encounter. "It was like meeting a complete stranger."

In his autobiography, Obama described George as a "beautiful boy with a rounded head."

Real 'hope' and 'change'. LIving on a buck a a shack.....while Barack pulls in 2.5 million last year...and has a million stashed in tax free muni bonds so he doesn't have to pay the 'tax' that the 'rich' have to pay on it....

Hmmm.....he makes 2.5 million and stashes his cash in tax exempt bonds? Where is the 'fairness' there about paying 'his fair share'?

As to 'blood relations'.....that he met ......let him 'make do' with a buck a day. Heck, as churchy says "BFD"..... no 'hope' for him.....hee hee

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