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Subject:  Re: Obama - Family First! Date:  8/21/2008  10:53 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  13891 of 116394

"Probably a bunch of cr@p, but even if it is true, he and Michelle have (had?) huge student loans and other expenses"

You mean that with over 1 million in tax free bonds, that he can't 'afford' to pay off his/her student loans?

Oh, right, those ballet lessons for the kiddies take a lot of money!......

And that arugula at the Whole Foods Market has to put a real dent into the food budget! remember his remark about how food prices were up, and him mentioning arugula. 99% of Americans had no idea of what he was talking about. Like they run to Whole Foods and buy a pound of arugula each week!

Come on...he made 2.5 mllion bucks...has millions in 'savings' in tax exempt bonds where he doesn't pay 'his fair share' of income taxes - avoids them..while telling us that regular folks, not invested in 'tax free munis' or in stocks, should be socked with higher and higher income taxes.

For his definiation of 'rich' that means over about $145K, including all the small business owners who file as individuals rather than corporations..... and provide millions of jobs.....

And he voted to raise taxes on those making more than $45K a year, to fund his welfare redistribution. So I guess his idea of 'rich' comes down to about $45K/yr income.

The guy is nothing but a Chicago hack politician.

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