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Subject:  Re: Sent Murphy an invitation Date:  8/21/2008  12:01 PM
Author:  llambe Number:  277449 of 312189

As a non parent, it's always a mystery to me why parents seem to go a long way out of their way to saddle their children with all the expenses that go along with an automobile. It seems like a no brainer to me to treat such a luxury as a pricilege and responsibility of being an adult. If a kid can't afford it --- do without.

I can see ---barely, permitting a child to drive the family car, and the family bearing the substantial cost of that provilege. Perhaps that's especially justified where the kid is doing well in school and is responsible and doing useful things with their time ---as a reward and a privilege of good behavior.

For us with DS(Step)S, it was a relief to me when he bought his own car and took on all those expenses - because before that we were covering everything, he was working just as much and all the money he made was purely blow money for him (he did put 10% away). After the car, he began to see that there are expenses that you have to cover as an adult. He still had a LOT of blow money though. For DD (who's only 5) I've already been considering different ways to limit the amount of money that is allowable to just blow.

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