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Subject:  Re: Obama - Family First! Date:  8/21/2008  12:07 PM
Author:  AngelMay Number:  13898 of 117421

>> There are times when posts get folks upset an they feel they must
respond. <<

And these times are called "election years." Which, unfortunately, is pretty much all the time these days since campaigns and primaries start entirely too early.



Whew! You got that exactly right, Ziggy.
However, Obama is proposing to do something about that:

Obama Looking to Reform Nominating Process
Dan Balz, The Washington Post: "Barack Obama's campaign will call next week for the creation of a new commission to revise the rules for selecting a presidential nominee in 2012 with a goal of reducing the power of superdelegates, whose role became a major point of contention during the long battle between Obama and Hillary Clinton. The commission also will be urged to redraw the calendar for 2012 to avoid starting the primaries and caucuses so early, and also to look specifically at assuring more uniform rules and standards for those caucuses."

Can't happen a moment too soon for my money. I was exhausted with the whole thing when the primary was finally over. Now I have to listen to news-wonks yapping about McHero and how he suffered during VietNam - as though that has any bearing at all on this election. If anything, it has turned me off completely to listening to anything about the man. Not that I would vote for him anyway - but I usually do pride myself on, at least, listening to the other side. Every now and then they slip up and say something I can agree with. This hasn't happened wrt McCain.

So far, he looks like an idiot. He suffers from CRS -- big time. Without someone whispering in his ear, I doubt he could find his way home at night. If he could figure out which of his umpteen homes he wanted to go home to. And, since he doesn't even know how many homes he has... that might be an even bigger problem for him than we realize.


Sorry about that.

I do think Obama is on the right track. Super delegates? Who needs them? Get rid of them. Start the primaries a LOT later -- it will save boo-coo bucks and a lot of wear and tear on the voters out here who atually follow all this stuff and who care about it.

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