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Subject:  Re: Obama - Family First! Date:  8/21/2008  1:32 PM
Author:  cattleman22 Number:  13900 of 116885

{{Now I have to listen to news-wonks yapping about McHero and how he suffered during VietNam - as though that has any bearing at all on this election. If anything, it has turned me off completely to listening to anything about the man. Not that I would vote for him anyway - but I usually do pride myself on, at least, listening to the other side.}}

Two points.

1. I doubt anyone is surprised that liberals would mock American veterans who were tortured.

2. It is very apparent that you have not been listening. The point is not that McCain was tortured. The point is that his principles would not allow himself to be released before other American soldiers who had been captured before McCain. This shows that McCain does what is right, even if it results in things being worse for himself. This contrasts with Obama who one day says that taking public financing is a deep principle of his and then later on chucks his principles out the window because he thinks it might help him. With McCain there is a proven track record of doing what he thinks is right, no matter the personal costs and with Obama there is a proven track record of no honor, no integrity and doing whatever will enhance Obama.

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