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Subject:  Re: Obama - Family First! Date:  8/29/2008  2:22 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  14274 of 117694

Palen is going to win over large segments of the population.

Son in army.

Palen was in Iraq in the spring supporting the troops. Obama only went after publicly emabarrassed into it by McCain.....

WHo looks better? Palen among veterans (large voting block) and families and relatives of those in the military? Surely not anti- military anti-gun Obama. No....not a chance...He lsot that vote since the war is winding down. Doesn't even make the news every night. Not an issue.

Obama's issue on "I insisted on a timeline for surrender"...well, first you win the war, then you withdraw the troops...Obama looks stupid on it, espeically having a running mate who supported the trooops all along. Who wins here? Palen.....supporting the troops, having a son about to be deployed to Iraq.

Obama on change? Gotta be kidding - picked a running mate with 30+ years of politics as usual. Obama the 'changer'? Of what? His choice of VP shows he has no intention of change...just 'play it safe' and vote the party line. The only thing that will change will be your taxes and they will go up big time.

Palen - Life Member of NRA..Moose hunter....that will bring in millions of hunting enthusiasts and NRA members. There is 100% opposition in those groups against Obama and anti-gun anti-hunting positions (the Sierra club owns the dems and Obama).....he looses there.... plus the families of lots of hunters. Lots of the states up for grabs have major tourism industries based upon hunting and sportsmen.

Palen...housewife...governor of the largest state (land wise).....runs a balanced budget..major reformer of the state across the board....plays hockey...hunts MOose....favorite dish is Moose Stew.....years more 'executive' experience and 'stood up' to the oil cmpanies and won.

Obama? no executive experience. Never stood up to anyone other than 'republicans'...

Obama - reformer...and first choice is to not accept federal spending dollars and limits, but spend 2 or 3 or 5 times that much! much for 'reforms' or accepting the federal guidelines on spending (reform).....exact opposite..he looses on that issue too....

Age issue? Obama is what, 46.....with no executive experience..and he will be the one in the WHite House..... Palen 44.....raising 5 kids....governor.....Obama's experience in Washington was 'voting the party line'. He thought Iran was 'a little country' of no consquence - too small to do anything. Likely never been to any country other than Kenya in his life.....clueless...and he would be the President....he looses there, too....

Not looking good for Obambi...his 15 minutes of fame are up.

Clinton cracked the glass ceiling with 18 million cracks..Palen will shatter it... Obambi is toast.....

The dems are going to regret having picked him. Even the hardcore dems are going to have trouble voting for him.

The 'change' issue just totally changed..Obama just talks about it. Palen has done it....MccCain with his selection has done it...He is going to lose on that one too.....

All that leaves is 'hope'. Obama will have to hope there is enough black vote to get him elected along with the party faithful who don't even look at who is running, just pull the dem lever.....and they might have indigestion with 'Hillary revenge' syndrome or 'No African American' for me..syndrome....

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