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Subject:  Re: Obama - Family First! Date:  8/29/2008  4:14 PM
Author:  ChurchyLaFemme Number:  14286 of 116419

So yes, I do think in the end maybe there was determination to select a woman. But I think there were certain qualities they were looking for (particularly socially) that more qualified female Republicans didn't bring, which left Palin. Her reputation (short as it is) for appointing Democrats to state positions and for battling the corruption of the old-boy Stevens/Murkowski wing of the Alaska GOP are noted and impressive, and complement a so-called "maverick" like McCain. If this were a healthy 52-year-old candidate with no history of life-threatening disease, the selection of Palin becomes much less risky. But for a 72-year-old cancer survivor, it's really rolling the dice.


McCain gives himself too much credit for being a "maverick". The last true maverick was the late Senator Wayne Morse from Oregon. Morse served as Oregon senator from 1945 to 1969 and was one of the original opponents of the Vietnam War. He was a Republican in the Robert LaFollette tradition, becoming an Independent in protest of Ike's pick of Tricky Dick for VP and then became a Democrat in 1955.

Morse and Alaska Senator Ernest Gruening were the only 2 Senators to vote against the Tonkin Gulf Resolution in 1964.

I can't say that I ever met Wayne Morse, but I certainly heard his speeches. McCain is no "maverick".

As for Palin, we'll see. I don't think she'll really be much help to McCain, however.

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