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Subject:  Re: Obama - Family First! Date:  8/29/2008  4:27 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  14290 of 116970

Why is it that the libs think we need a 'senator' as President?

Nearly every senator or House member is totally ignorant on how to balance a state or federal budget..they spend like drunken sailors with a borrowed credit card....and no limit..and they vote to raise they limit when they want to spend more!

Palen is a governor of the largest state in the country. Landwise. It has many of the same problems as other states - and is a major provider of energy.

It has a diverse population with hundreds of industries.

Senators have almost no 'executuve' experience in running anything other than a big deficit. They all sit around spending money, and raising taxes when they can to pay for all the spending they want to do. They all have 'pet programs' they want funded and vote time after time for more pork......other than McCain who has never asked for an earmark.

Obama has put in for earmark after earmark, and his only 'record' is wasting 50 million on a failed education program in Illiois, which he wants to take nationwide to waste 500 billion.

Obama will be the one getting the 3am call. Not Biden. The only thing Obama has is 'cult like' status from the Hollywood set. He screwed Hillary out of the race. He selected a 'business as usual' running mate. Obama will get connected with all the shenanigans in Chicago and what he has done.

He'll be toast in 3 months.

1/3rd the country isn't going to vote for an African American when it comes time to vote

1/3rd the country isn't going to vote for the guy who screwed Hillary out of the race.

THey'll either stay home or vote for the McCain/Palen ticket.

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