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Subject:  Re: I See Ignored Fool Yap Is Ranting (again). Date:  9/8/2008  3:49 PM
Author:  andrew61 Number:  14376 of 116979

When will you all get it through your heads this election is a sham conducted by the Illuminati to give the impression you have a say in their thrust to world domination. You don’t. All those in the contest for president and vice-president are reptilian shape shifters. It’s all set out in David Ikes freedom-seeking site where the truth is revealed.

The reptilian shape-shifters are all about us: they control every aspect of your life while making you believe you have a say in your choices. Everything done is a means to complete world domination by the Illuminati – there are no wars but conflict designed to gain control of all your precious bodily fluids for the Illuminati’s gain.

Not well known is the Illuminati placed the contenders in this up-coming election many years ago and have so maneuvered these are now your supposed choices yet, no matter whom you choose, it makes no difference because they’re all reptilian shape changers.

I have warned you now it’s up to you and find the reptilian shape shifters and reveal to the world that they are.


Ah, I see someone else besides me has read David Icke's "The Biggest Secret". <grin>

I highly recommend the book. It's fascinating and more than mildly entertaining... whether it contains a word of truth or not.
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