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Subject:  Re: Portfolio Strategy in a Global Down Draft Date:  9/15/2008  11:15 PM
Author:  washcomp Number:  252186 of 535295

I'm cash heavy. I just (painfully) moved about half my equities into more Vanguard GNMA fund. (It's not volitile, is gov't backed and pays 5.5%). I'm now about 13% equity, 6% Vanguard PM (OUCH), 10% Swiss franc, 30% cash/equivalents, 40% bonds (mostly GNMA, NY tax free, some short Treasury - sold long bonds and high yield corporate bonds today).

I should have stuck to the plan and not even entered back into the market until October, but got bored around March (idle hands are the devil's workshop - now trying to sit on hands as much as possible).

I figure that we have not seen the bottom of the stock market (and despite anopther drop that I have scheduled for OCtober, won't see the bottom until next March/April time frame.

I intend to accumulate bargains as I see them in specific divdend aristocrat equities, rather tthn invest in the averages.

If I can pick up stacks paying 5-6% yields at the bottom, I should be able to ride them up for quite a few years until we have to rinse and repeat again.

Of course theirs always the chance that the FEDD will screw up to plan :-)

Of course I could be wrong <G>

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