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Subject:  Re: Question about my investment strategy. Date:  9/16/2008  9:50 AM
Author:  mithrandiryod Number:  63825 of 89495

Alright, Thank you for the remarks on the market. I'm certainly not putting anything in at the moment, but I'm talking about an investment plan for the future. Looking at it now, those numbers for a standard investment account do seem rather ludicrous. I am however focusing more on funding my ROTH and Emergency Fund First. However, your comments raise another question, I did not know that the ROTH could be withdrawn penalty free. I was under the impression this was not possible with any IRA unless you were using the proceeds for Education or for first time home purchasing. I know that you can pull your money if you want, but I was under the impression that penalties would be incurred. Even if I could withdraw penalty free, I would only do so in the event of last resort, as I would with a standard IRA.

My Question then becomes, is this a good investment profile in terms of diversification at my age? Also I am currently investing with Firstrade for my investment accounts. They have $6.95 trades, but don't allow all of the investments that I would want during my research of some TMF recommendations. Should I stay with this Broker or should I be looking elsewhere?

As far as the market goes, I understand it's down, but I'm not here to totally knee jerk. I'd like to think I'm in for the long haul on my IRA. That doesn't mean I won't bail, but I just don't know when I should. I know that the economy heading for a "recession" is a pretty good indication. I know losing 25% of my investment is a pretty good indication, I just don't know when the market will go up, and I would like to think I have a good deal of risk tolerance being younger. That said I'm not putting anything into the market right now, I'm just not taking anything out.


PS: Sorry for the long post, and in answer to a previous question, My employer doesn't have a Retirement Plan so I went ahead and started my own, hoping with the power of compounding and starting early, I'll have a decent nest egg by the time I'm ready to stop work.
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