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Subject:  Re: Different from Investopedia? Date:  9/22/2008  6:57 PM
Author:  TMFMoby Number:  391 of 597

Hi Mark – Thanks for the great question.

That Flossary is a wiki created by an active and informed community is one of the main differentiators. Static definitions can quickly grow stale as the market or the rules change. To use a current example, something caused pauleckler to update the naked short selling page yesterday:

Clearly, he saw something in the news relating to the new rules on shorting financials, or the increased enforcement on naked short selling. This prompted him to check out Flossary’s naked short selling page, and seeing it was very inadequate he decided to improve it. In this transaction, he showed the real power of a community. Right now we have a select few editors we’ve handpicked from our community. As we expand this process to other proven Fools, we’ll see more actions like this one. Imagine a similar chain of events occurring with a group of 100 or even 5 Fools. The information on that page would be as complete, up to date, and accurate as any of the web. We feel other sites treat this type of information as a commodity. Outdated information can be almost as bad as no information at all.

That brings up the next main differentiator: how Flossary compares to other wikis. Just having an active community of people is fine by itself, but when you consider that you and I are part of the oldest investing community on the web, it shows that we can not only create a great quantity of content, but also trusted and accurate information. Readers will have a high level of confidence that what they’re reading was created by a group of financially savvy editors, not just people who specialize in terms starting with A through Z. Since we’re picking some of the best members from the most venerable investing community, we know we’ll create something better and special.

Add in the fact that each term will link to relevant and up-to-date expert articles from These will provide all the various