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Subject:  Re: Different from Investopedia? Date:  9/23/2008  12:11 AM
Author:  havefunsaving Number:  393 of 597

I looked for it on Investopedia, but they haven't defined the term "financial statement(s)".

I knew you wouldn't post this if it weren't true, but I just had to see for myself. I was floored! That's such a simple concept -- and incredibly basic to be missing-in-action.

To expand on why I think Flossary (still hoping we change the name!) will outshine other offerings (like Investopedia), I see it as being a one-stop shop kind of experience. Eventually, the number of "Fools" will grow, they'll already be here on the various boards, reading Fool articles, etc., and when they have a question, they'll be able to access Flossary right where they are.

OTOH, I assume one of the reasons for starting Flossary is that it can be utilized as an avenue to bring more folks to the Fool. Works both ways.

In addition, as already stated, we're looking to make Flossary just a tad less "dry." Investing should be FUN! We hope to make learning about the terms and answering the questions fun, too.

Let's face it... Investopedia is a good beginner's resource (I still look things up there),