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Subject:  Re: Games & DRM Date:  9/26/2008  8:34 PM
Author:  dsbrady Number:  28378 of 37101

People put up with the DRM of iTunes because they want to have the music they own on a proprietary device,

There's nothing that requires you to have DRM on an iPod -- only when you actually purchase from the iTunes store. You don't want to worry about DRM? Buy the physical CDs and rip the songs to the DRM-free format of your choice (mp3, AAC, etc).

iTunes' DRM is, to me, one of the better forms of DRM -- if it needs DRM, it's the way to go [the labels were the ones demanding DRM, and they wanted something stricter than what they got]. The limitations in the DRM (for music) are:

1) you can only authorize a song to be played on 5 computers [but, you can deauthorize a computer and authorize another if you reach your limit]
2) you can only burn a specific playlist (that's the same playlist with all of the songs in the same order) a set number of times (I think it's 7).

#1 probably doesn't affect a lot of people. And, how often do you need to burn the exact same playlist? That's essentially distribution of copyrighted material that you probably legally don't have the right to do anyway [it's certainly well past "fair use" in my mind].

Also, it should be noted that not all songs in the iTunes store are protected. Ideally, they'll be able to make all of the material DRM-free, but when there is DRM, it's pretty light.

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