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Subject:  I should never have patched Spore. Date:  9/26/2008  8:44 PM
Author:  GusSmed Number:  28379 of 37117

There was a bunch of stuff on the fix list, and surely there would be no drawbacks to updating the game.

The first thing I noticed was that the missions no longer updated correctly. They showed in the little tracking windows in the upper left corner, but they were always in the "minimized" state. To get details like star names and planet names, I had to delve into the menus.

That's annoying, but I could live with it.

Then I discovered that black holes no longer worked. I'd send a ship through, and it would get stuck on the other side. The game would not let me leave, nor re-enter the hole to return to my origin. I couldn't even exit the game.

That's really annoying, but I've never found black hole travel to be vital.

I finished my current game, and started a new creature from Cell stage. Except that I couldn't start. The opening meteorite sequence played, but my cell never appeared, nor did any of the other initial deterius. Nor was it invisible or anything, the game was not responsive to either mouse or keyboard controls.

That's a game breaker. No new games? So I tried reverting to the old EXE, but discovered that the data had changed and the old EXE would throw an exception due to calling a pure virtual function right away.

So that's it. I'm stuck until EA patches the patch. Or, alternately, I could completely uninstall. I suppose that wouldn't be a complete catastrophe, since the most important saved things are the creature / vehicle .PNGs, and those I can save easily enough.

It's really time to move on, though. Space, which was the only truly interesting part, has gotten repetitive and mechanical.

- Gus
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