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Subject:  Re: Market Fears Date:  9/28/2008  3:00 PM
Author:  Howie52 Number:  14028 of 19741

"This attitude (attitudes?) is the very reason why the poor stay poor in this country while the fat-cats keep their hands in our pockets -- robbing us blind while they claim they are "lowering our taxes". We are such fools - we think the only way the government robs us is through taxation. One day the people will wake up -- maybe. But I'm beginning to doubt it.

AM "


Funny how folks focus on different realities.

Some folks see poverty around them and do everything they can to
come to America. They send whatever they can back to their families.

Some folks see families living in hovels in the hills of Appalachia
or in the city of Detroit and say how can America allow such terrible

Some folks see success.
Some folks see robbery.
Some folks see hopelessness.
Some folks see hipocracy.
Some folks see opportunity.

And each and every one is right in their own way.
We live among such a wide variety of folks and views and religions.
It is so easy to get to the position where you have a hopeless,
helpless feeling. Folks will never see the solutions that you
And you are right.
Folks will never see the same solutions that you see.
They don't see the sa