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Subject:  Poll: I'm late, I'm late: punctuality problem Date:  9/29/2008  2:12 PM
Author:  slowlythere Number:  309 of 317

Been ages since I've posted, but still in treatment and trying adjusted meds, etc.

As far as behavioral stuff goes, does anyone else here struggle with being punctual sometimes, frequently, or constantly? I don't know why, but this semester (college freshman) I have really been struggling more than before.

Usually I am okay once I can get out of home as 95% of my delays are about trying to get out of the apartment, or misplacing things (disorganized), etc. Nonetheless I am finding that I also am struggling with managing my study and other time limitations to get things done on time.

Please share any experiences, or tips.
 0% (0 Votes)
Never/rarely late
 14% (1 Vote)
Sometimes late (less than half the time)
 28% (2 Votes)
Frequently or often late (about half the time +/-)
 14% (1 Vote)
Constantly late (more than half the time)
 42% (3 Votes)
I'm virtually never on time (almost always late)

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