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Subject:  Re: Retirement in danger Date:  10/23/2008  10:07 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  1294 of 1845

YOu've got to be saving on your own these days, and need to be planning on working longer - since folks live longer.

Too many today consume at too high a level. If you can't save, then you are living 'too high'.

50 years ago, folks lived in 900-1000 sq foot houses. Maybe a 1 car garage, or more likely, a carport. Small yard. One car in family.

That was the norm. Then it slowly 1700 sq feet is a 'very small home'.....and around here, starter homes start at 2500 sq feet, and everyone wants 4-5 bedrooms 4 bath two story homes with triple garage.

Now, it is cellphones for everyone, premium cable TV packages, TV sets in every room, 3 or 4 cars in the family......

Folks are trained consumers. FOlks spend less on food than before. FOlks spend less on a car than before. But folks spend a lot more on 'things' that never were necessities 50 years ago.

SO, like the article says, boomers are likely going to re-adjust.

Most pensions don't go completely bust - the Pension Guarantee Board pays out something - up to about $56K/yr.

Health care disappears. Obamacare , if he can find the money, will just make it the rationed gigantic HMO screwed up federal system.....

Boomers who aren't set will work to 70, or retire to a mobile home park in FL and live on 30,000 a year income,most of it SS.....and a bit of half of FL do today..or move to AZ.....same thing....

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