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Subject:  Re: Retirement in danger Date:  11/2/2008  11:20 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  1323 of 1845

<<Your suggestions are about as relevant as the Gold Standard & the Poll Tax; they happened in US history but WILL NOT reoccur by "back sliding"

I still await a [defensible] response for the Original Poster

a man with unanswered questions


Contemplating just how far employers will go to secure a workforce in a labor shortage is an interesting question.

We have seen workers reduced to crude peonage in the sharecropper south --- living out a rude form of exploitation for several generations.

I think it's pretty clear from the illegal alien situation that employers will lie cheat and steal pretty much as a matter of routine to get a labor supply --- what else will they do?

We have drafted people into the military by the million in peacetime from the 1950s to early 1970.

While employers claim the moral and legal right to dump workers without notice when they aren't needed, employers usually seem to imagine that they have a natural right to a plentiful labor supply at relatively cheap wage rates whenever they can get away with it. Whenever they start feeling a pinch, they are off to convince the Federal government to turn on the flood gates of immigration to bail them out.

Broad labor shortages have been rare in the United States thanks to chronic floods of immigration. But I think that many employers are capable of almost anything to get the labor supply they needed were real shortages to be permitted to occur --- not that that is likely.

Seattle Pioneer
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