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Subject:  Re: WAMU Stockholders Air Their Distress Date:  11/10/2008  12:35 PM
Author:  hildy Number:  2660 of 2677

The FDIC seized Washington Mutual Bank saying there had been a bank run amounting to 16.7 billion dollars in 10 days. The reason this money was withdrawn from the bank is unknown. The FDIC saw money moving out of larger accounts and assumed a run was in progress.

Awe come on now SeattlePioneer, level with us, this so-called "bank run" was probably just you pulling off a little cash for some "walking around money", huh?

As for the word "assumed", isn't the well known meaning of this word: "making an Ass out of You & Me"? <grin>

Nothing to see here folks, just a bunch of disgruntled ex-WM stockholders feeling a little bit feisty about losing their shirts on their(?) investments, and "expecting" to get even for their own poor judgement and (probably) trying to intimidate the US Gov regulating agencies into kissing their "owy," (woe) and make it better!

Hah... Fat Chance! Ya pays your money, and takes your chances, when dealing with Mr. Market and all the conniving thieves & crooks just waiting for a "fat bunny",... as IcyWolf would say!

Heehaw... :-)
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