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Subject:  Re: What Kind of Future Is There? Date:  12/1/2008  3:55 PM
Author:  0x6a74 Number:  15867 of 117002

I told him no one can know the future ( obviously ) and that even in the depression there were people who found opportunity and were able to get through it without hardship. At that point his grandfather chimmed in about the banks and the people who shouldn't have gotten mortgages, etc. etc. and took over the conversation.

Later on the young man came up to me again and said he didn't really know how a mortgage worked so I began an explanation of borrowing money, interest rates, equity, payment as a reasonable percentage of monthly income.... and then we were interrupted again.....

I finally told him we needed to go get a coffee and have some one on one time during his Christmas break. And I'm thinking hard about what I want to say to him......


'inversion' of my T-day dinner....

Nephew who's a college-jr, studying Finance (or something) is home for the holiday .. his grandmother (my sister's MIL) asks HIM --what the hell is going on? What do you think of the bailout (actually, she asked me first, but i said, "dunno ..too complicated for ME")
Nephew starts to answer ...and BIL starts bellowing ALL the RW talking points.

... questions, comments, disagreements --all met with louder bellowing.


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