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Subject:  Negotiating with "Big Money" Date:  12/4/2008  9:57 PM
Author:  lukematt Number:  152 of 161

“Big Money” wants me to return to work for them. I’m not interested. Thus, we are “negotiating”. Currently, our negotiations take the following form:

• “Big Money” pays people to do dirty tricks to me and my family;
• I write exposés based upon my knowledge of “Big Money’s” activities.

However, at the beginning, “Big Money’s” tactics were not so innocuous.

Let’s wind back the clock…

When I first notified the “kmotr” (it’s a Czech word—look it up) over the telephone that I was quitting, he said, “I’ll fly to the Czech Republic in a couple of weeks to meet with you.”

Upon his arrival, the “kmotr” telephoned to me to arrange a meeting place. I wanted the busiest place possible, so I told him, “Meet me in the lobby of Brno’s main train station”.

As the meeting time approached, I started to consider my situation. I didn’t want to negotiate with this guy. He’s not normal. I wouldn’t stand a chance against him. Thus, when I got to the train station, I simply handed an envelope to him (it contained money that I owed to the “kmotr” —paid in full—). Then, I left. He was stunned. He simply said, “You