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Subject:  Re: that was fun. Date:  12/14/2008  1:33 AM
Author:  malaoshi Number:  14317 of 20640

'or Buffet, who mentions what his low tax rate is, but has yet to pony up a dime in extra taxes to help out your plan! Just think, he could probably write a 100 million dollar donation...or pay the health care for folks in the poorest 10 states alone! does he do it??Ha ha..he's a lib dem.....wants OTHERS to pay, not him. " Telegraph's words of wisdom..

Telegraph, the day you do half as much percentagewise, as Buffet is doing for others by donating huge sums to Gates Foundation,( mostly for health)..I'll listen to something you say. Buffet is not a greedy man.

But in your posts you appear the ultimate, smug "I'm all right, Jack"
As you appear to resent any dime taken out of your hard earned retirement..( very early retirement, but all your hard work..etc) you are the last person who ought to sneer at the contributions/ donations of others.

A universal health care system might have faults but at least everyone would have a chance at health care. That is not the case now.
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