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Subject:  Eventful Week Date:  12/21/2008  1:08 PM
Author:  jtallenmd Number:  662 of 674

My second daughter is a senior at BYU-I. This past September she called to say that she was dating someone seriously and wanted one of us to come out to meet him to get our approval. Well, we talked about it and decided that it would be cheaper for us to pay for him to fly out and meet us. The other advantage would be that all of us would get to meet him.

We decided to have him fly out with DD when she came for Christmas break. They arrived in Syracuse on Friday, but that was the night of our ward Christmas party so our 1st daughter, who lives in Binghamton with her husband, picked her up from the airport. They spent the weekend with them and then DW met them on Monday to bring them up to our house.

As the months have passed, it has become more and more clear that they were probably going to get engaged. We asked DD when he was going to propose and she told us that he was waiting to ask our permission in person.

Days passed, but he had never come to me to ask my permission. DD and DW were talking about it and he was waiting for a time when DD wasn't around. She was hanging on to him too tightly to give an opportunity.

Yesterday we planned to go down to Palmyra. One of the couples from our ward was getting endowed and sealed before he gets deployed. We were planning to go down for the session and sealing and then taking DD's boyfriend to see the sights. The night before, though, we got about a foot of snow. I got up early to snowblow the driveway, but still did not finish in time to make it for the endowment. We did make it for the sealing.

DD's boyfriend was endowed prior to his mission so he went to the sealing with us. We also showed him a little around the temple. We weren't able to go into the celestial room, but you can see the stained glass from the outside of the temple. He and I walked around the back of the temple to see it. That is when he asked my permission. I had planned to give him a hard time, but somehow it just didn't seem right at the moment.

Anyhow, we dropped them off at the Hill Cumorah and went to the Bishop's Storehouse/Distribution Center to pick up some food storage supplies. We ended up taking two hours, which is about twice as long as we had planned. We thought for sure he would propose there, but he didn't.

Later he was helping me to bring firewood into the house. While we were out in the garage loading wood into the cart I asked him if he had proposed yet.