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Subject:  Re: How do you (working parents) do it? Date:  1/4/2009  9:50 AM
Author:  impolite Number:  36775 of 42456

This is likely to start a long SAHP vs working parent thread. Maybe you'd be better to find the kids and ask them. In a couple of situations, I've found my kids had an entirely(and much better) view of them.

I have to say, my kids seem happy and healthy. They have lots of friends, success in learning, and both have a very headstrong personality.

*I* am tired. I am very very tired a lot of the time. But such is life.

My partner in life had no children of his own until I waltzed into his life, and he has become a working parent as well. He is also very tired most of the time.

We get up, we make breakfast, we get the kids ready, we drop them off at daycare/school, we go to work. We work, we leave work, we pick up the kids, we come home and make dinner/do laundry/help with homework (IN KINDERGARTEN, can you believe it?!)/bath time/snuggle time/bed time, we spend a precious few minutes alone, then crash.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

The largest difference between Before Kids and After Kids is: I just THOUGHT I was busy before I had kids.

I laugh now at how packed I thought my schedule was. It was just so hard to squeeze in laundry, or (the thought of even trying now) a spa day with a girlfriend.