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Subject:  Re: OT: Man in the White Suit Date:  2/12/2009  3:15 PM
Author:  Lokicious Number:  25956 of 35576

So perhaps we need to review our priorities and the choices we have made. We still have major advantages over much of the world, natural resources, financing, and excellent skills available to us if we choose to deploy them.

Otherwise, as Nero fiddles, Rome continues to burn.

As an educator, I am concerned about our human resources and skills. We are no longer near the top of the world in terms of a well-educated population, especially in science. I know I'm just an old fogey, but the thinking skills undergraduates bring to college with them, except for a small minority, have deteriorated. And for years we've been selling the get-rich-quick model of life, instead of hard work. We need to improve public schools, and that doesn't mean simplistic standardized tests and textbooks that are safe for Texas. And we need for a college education to be affordable.

Going back to Reagan, and probably Nixon, initiative on economic development in this country has been left to the masters of the universe and corporate executives, with the politicians providing not only no direction but incentives to make decisions based on short term profits (I hear Warren Buffett saying "hear, hear!") With the exception of the development of computing and the internet (invented by and for academia not corporate America and bungled by the arithmetically-challenged masters of the univers