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Subject:  Re: Tales from the trenches Date:  3/6/2009  5:29 AM
Author:  TMFPMarti Number:  104976 of 127613

Mine is one of the tools in a program called Tax Tools. They've got tons of handy little gadgets in it. Dependent and filing status flowcharts, auto lease valuation and inclusion calculators, loan amortization, various forms that generally are NOT part of a 1040, things like that. Probably 100 or more handy tools in the program.

I was reminded of both how much things have changed and how much I've aged just the other day. I had to multiply something along the line of 176 x 16.9 without a calculator! It took me forever to find the brain cells where that process was stored in, I think, 4th grade.

Flashback to 1971, when I was the freshly spawned knuckledragging apple of Uncle Sam's eye. The first portable calculators were still in the future, and there we were computing (thank God 6% simple) interest to 9 decimal places by hand. Progress is a wonderful thing. Now if they'd only make a linament that doesn't smell gawdawful.

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