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Subject:  Re: Eleven-year anniversary Date:  3/14/2009  11:32 PM
Author:  ChurchyLaFemme Number:  11195 of 11200

I have finally mastered the secret of a good vacuum cleaner--hire a cleaning person who has one!

Ah, but the problem with that solution is that it requires income to outsource the job. My way allows the income to be used to pay for things that don't suck, like maybe a trip to the UK this fall to ride behind the world's newest steam locomotive:

You just need to find a job that you can do lying down. Plumber, maybe?

I was thinking more along the lines of mattress tester.

They are GORGEOUS! But I must does one "acquire" a grandchild? Heck, if there's a secret to it that doesn't entail having children of your own, sign me up!!!!!!

Glad to see you again, Churchy. By the way, why did you change your name, and why did you choose that one?


You either gotta have 'em yourself or marry some guy who already has them. It's the only way.

As for the name change, I used to love reading the late Walt Kelley's "Pogo" comic strip. Churchy La Femme was the turtle.

Churchy attacking Howland Owl for reminding him it's Friday the 13th:

Hugs to you to.

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