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Subject:  Re: How do you find them? Date:  3/17/2009  3:58 AM
Author:  ishtarastarte Number:  102 of 111

No. Mormonism practices polygyny ONLY, not polyamory. In fact, the term polyamorous was coined to seperate it from polgamy (which is, in practice, only polgyny) (multiple wives.)

In its best form, Mormon polygyny can be good, the senior wife approving of future wives, and the wives being good sister-wives.

In practice, especially in the splinter sects, not always.

It sounds as though you are looking for a possible polyandry (multiple husbands) or a true poly family. Not the same thing.

My experience is men SAY they like the idea of being open, but in practice, they have a hard time with a woman being open. 2 men left me (who not only wanted, but insisted on some type of openness) for monogamous women. The first one definitely cheated on said monogamous woman, and her monogamous attitude didn't stop her from sleeping with my husband, but they've been together 14 years now.

The second one, just never understood the whole idea.

It's difficult, very difficult to make this work.

I still think my ideal relationship is a committed poly relationship, but I don't think I'll ever be able to make it actually work.

It takes very special people to make it work.

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