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Subject:  Re: Drawers Date:  4/5/2009  9:57 PM
Author:  zathrus1 Number:  54 of 65

Should I pack all this stuff in boxes, or can it stay in the drawers and be moved as is? I think the office supplies will have to go, but I'm not sure about the others.

Ah - an excellent question.

Here are some guidelines that might help...

1) In general, clothing can usually remain in dressers - they don't weigh much and won't get damaged by the move process. A good mover will wrap your dresser with Stretch Wrap (usually called shrink wrap by the movers), and then pad the whole thing with a blanket.

Now - before we go further, dressers come in 3 basic types, depending on how many drawers go across. The types are single, double, and triple. A single or double dresser can usually be moved with the drawers full, but a triple is another story. The triples are really heavy, and because they are so wide they're difficult to get around corners and such.

2) Always remove anything that is breakable, small valuables, and perfume. This kind of stuff can either get lost, or destroy your clothes if things go wrong.

3) Pack anything that is heavy. We tried to move a dresser once and couldn't budge it. The customer had loaded the bottom 3 drawers with Books and Photo Albums.

4) If you have a lot of important papers and files in your desk or file cabinet, I would advise packing them. Anything that is Really important - tax documents, birth certificates etc, should go in a box in your car. If you have a lot of files in your file cabinet, I would ask the estimator what she thinks. A lot depends on how sturdy the cabinet is, and how tightly packed the files are. If you leave stuff in it, be sure and move the heaviest stuff to the bottom if you can. A top heavy file cabinet can really get out of control going up or down the truck ramp or stairs.

5) If you ha