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Subject:  The Ultimate Poker Game Date:  4/26/2009  11:10 AM
Author:  Starrob Number:  57 of 75

I was just watching the NFL Draft on the NFL Channel and I heard it describe by one of the analysts as the "Ultimate Poker Game". They made that comment after going through the unique circumstances of how the NY Jets were able to draft the quarterback Sanchez from USC. They described all of the behind the scenes jockeying to move up or move down for value in the draft.

The NFL Draft sort of reminds me of investing. Everyone looks at all the raw statistics and decides whether or not to draft a particular stock into their portfolio.

They have a number of different styles of drafting in the NFL. Some draft for need and try to keep their portfolio diversified, while others draft according to value, only drafting players that are the highest value on their scorecard (This sometimes means a team gets loaded down with players in a few positions and are weaker in other positions).

In some ways the NFL draft is similar to investing and in other