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Subject:  Re: Problem with Quicken 2007 Date:  6/2/2009  7:59 PM
Author:  Radish Number:  8985 of 10640

But that doesn't explain breaking things that formerly worked.

I'm using Quicken 2008 Deluxe, and one of the most annoying things in it is the change in the calculator function. In all previous versions, when entering a dollar amount you could type a calculation and hit either Tab (to go on to the next field in the entry) or Enter (to complete the entry, this is assuming one has "Use enter key to move between fields" turned off).

For example, in a register entry you could hit tab to move to Payee and type in the payee, then hit tab to move to Charge and type 100+3 to calculate the sum of 100 dollars and 3 dollars. Now you could hit Tab to move on to Memo, or hit Enter to complete the entry. Either way the Charge would be $103.

In Quicken 2008, if you hit Tab to move on to Memo, the Charge is $3, not $103. And if you hit Enter, the Charge becomes $103, but it doesn't complete the entry. Note that if y