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Subject:  Re: End of the Health Care debate Date:  6/7/2009  8:28 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  19256 of 116388

Interesting article - book review- in the latest Economist.....

About Peter Peterson's book - The Education of an American dreamer.

One quick quote: 'Mr Peterson is a cruiser for noble cause. He has committed the bulk of his immense fortune to nagging Americans to take their fiscal problems seriously. The huge budget deficit is only the tip of the iceberg, he warns, on others, through his think tank and in a surprisingly watchable documentary. The federal government has liabilities equivalent to $483,000 per American household, largely in the form of unfunded commitments to provide old people with health care and pensions. Politicians are too scared by looming elections to do anything about it....... He recalls his shock when bill Clinton sat down with him, agreed that social security was bankrupt, and then sottd up and told a crowd of voters that it was just fine."

In case you are a yougin, Peterson was the commerce secetary under Nixon. (his father arrived in American in 1912 with only a primary eduction and no English. Mr Peterson grew up counting out change in the family diner in Nebraska.

SO let's see...Medicare is broke...60 trillion unfunded..and the libs are foaming at the mouth to run up another 60 trillion, because there is no political way to pay for all the health care for 47 million uninsured, who won't be paying their own way. (illegals, or low income folks) plus the current plan is to subsidize folks up to $110,000 income! trillions....tens of trillions...hundreds of trillions.

Money fairy, where are you????paging the money fairy......paging the money fairy!....

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