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Subject:  Re: End of the Health Care debate Date:  6/8/2009  9:56 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  19275 of 116928

"As has been pointed out for Canada ad nauseam the same goes for France. It's much less expensive and it's better. What is it about this that is so hard for you to grasp?"

You only think it is 'better' since the cost to educate doctors is paid for by the VERY HIGH VAT taxes, which you get to pay on everything. Like 19% tax on meals eaten out, your new car purchase, your TV purchase, and of course, your groceries!

Everything you consume is taxed. Haircut? 19% VAT. Everything.

So if you make and spend $60,000 a year, you get to pay over $10,000 in VAT taxes each year.

THen, in France you pay 7.5% of your income for 'health fee', and that pays, get this.....70% of your medical bill.

Not only that, in France, you visit the doctor, YOU PAY. Then, you submit the request for re-imbursement, and the government sends you back 70% of what you already paid! If you want insurance to cover most of the rest of what you had to pay, then you buy that insurance for hundreds a month.

Free healthcare? Ha....biggest joke going. YOu already paid $10,000 in VAT taxes.....and you pay 30% of your medical bills, unless you have extra cost insurance which you also pay for!

Now tell me again about how great that is?

That VAT pays to educate a limited number of doctors (can't have too many) through medical school. (as well as 'free' university education to most students - about 1/3rd of which can't even find a job when they graduate with their lib arts degrees).

So, they vacuum the money out of your wallet with consumption taxes.....

and you think that is so great?


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