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Subject:  Re: End of the Health Care debate Date:  6/8/2009  2:40 PM
Author:  ariechert Number:  19292 of 116418

I didn't realize that there were people who still disputed global warming. I mean, here in Chicago, especially lately, there doesn't seem to be any warming and we make jokes about that. I honestly didn't realize the fact that there is global warming was still being debated. Hmmm... foolinchicago

LOL! Surely you jest? If you want to read a plethora of posts from people who disagree with global warming go visit the Retire Early Campfire board.

My problem is that I just don't care all that much. Well I do care, in that I have really been enjoying the milder winters and lack of snow that we have had in Tennessee the last few years.

I don't have children and I'm rather selfish and I like it warm and would rather live in Florida than in Tennessee where I am stuck so the idea of it being warm enough in Tennessee to grow mangoes and citrus fruit sounds very enticing to me. Tennessee has very cold wet winters; the kind of cold that sinks right to your bones, and all the leaves fall off the trees and everything is wet, cold, and slimey so to be honest I'm not entirely against global warming.

I kind of like the idea of turning back to climate to what it was like when dinosaurs roamed the earth with warm tropical weather worldwide. Sounds pretty good to me? And yes, I'm serious.

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