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Subject:  Re: End of the Health Care debate Date:  6/8/2009  3:04 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  19296 of 73794

"Goods and Service Tax (GST) is a Value Added Tax introduced in 1991 at a rate of 7%. The rate is currently 5% and is imposed in addition to provincial sales taxes, except in Alberta, where there is no provincial sales tax; and in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, where a Harmonized Sales Tax (5% GST + 8% PST = 13% HST) (combined GST and provincial sales tax) is collected."

Sock it to 'em...

Now, what the libs don't tell you

"About 30% of Canadians' health care is paid for through the private sector. This mostly goes towards services not covered or only partially covered by Medicare, such as prescription drugs, dentistry and optometry. Some 65% of Canadians have some form of supplementary private health insurance; many of them receive it through their employers.[14] There are also large private entities that can buy priority access to medical services in Canada, such as WCB in BC."

Whoa.....that means you need to have your own insurance on top of the wonderful canadian system??? of course...of course.....

How can this be?

"The various levels of government pay for about 70% of Canadians' health care, although this number has decreased somewhat in recent years."

You mean Canadians have to fork over 30% of their healthcare costs? Oh, golly, where is intercst when you need him? HOw many Canadians are going bankrupt? 30%!....

Oh, how can this be?

"One of the major complaints about the Canadian health care system is waiting times, whether for a specialist, major elective surgery, such as hip replacement, imaging procedures such as MRI or Cystoscopy, or specialized treatments, such as radiation for breast cancer. Studies by the Commonwealth Fund found that 57% of Canadians reported waiting 4 weeks or more to see a specialist; 24% of Canadians waited 4 hours or more in the emergency room."

"A March 2, 2004, article in