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Subject:  Re: End of the Health Care debate Date:  6/8/2009  4:32 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  19308 of 116441

<<I usually stay out of these types of debates.

I find that in these types of politically charged issues no amount of rationale discussion or facts ever seems to change anyone's mind.

True. I never expect my posts to change anyone's mind. It's a (hopefully) friendly discussion.

And I'll again suggest that the main reason political debate doesn't change minds is that competing political views are usually about competing VALUES, not disagreements over facts. If it were just facts that were at issue, resolving them would not usually be all that difficult.

But when you are talking about conflicting values, these are often quite persistant. It's usually a lot more difficult to convince people to change their values than that a few facts are wrong.

<<2.) This brings me to me second point. Being in the military I have had firsthand experience (I am in the medical field) with the NHS system in England. It is frankly horrible. Rationed heathcare is not pretty. And it takes months sometimes just to see a provider. It's crazy...

The point of this post is just to say there are negatives to both sides of the issue. I certainly want everyone to be able to have healthcare but at the same time do not want my quality of my healthcare diminished. I know some of you refuse to believe that healthcare would be diminished, but it would.

I agree with that. In my view the honest national healthcare debate would recognize that the middle class would experience a significant decline in the quality of healthcare and significant increases in costs and taxes to pay for it, in exchange for spreading access to more people.

To me, that is common sense. However, my liberal friends usually like to suggest that national healthcare will cost no more, and often say it would cost less, and that quality would not decline.

In effect, they are saying you get to cover everyone for FREE! That's a good political argument if you can get people to buy into it.

Hillarycare failed because the middle class did NOT buy that argument, and accepted the idea that they would pay more and get less.

That's the political battleground, in my view.

Seattle Pioneer
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