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Subject:  Re: End of the Health Care debate Date:  6/8/2009  5:59 PM
Author:  PosFCF Number:  19316 of 116400

I pay $3600/yr for $2000 deductible Blue Cross of TX policy...and average about $4500 a year in expenses including the insurance.

I'm happy for you but that does nothing for me. I have Blue Choice.

We have pre-existing conditions, we will not be able to get insurance if we leave them.

I don't pay a 7.5% fee on my income to fund the gov't plan that pays only 70% of the medical costs anyway. ANd you would need private insurance.

I would gladly pay the 7.5% or the 15% it would come out to either be cheaper or the same cost to me and, if it would have every American covered, I'm all for it.

You do realize that both you and your wife would each pay the 7.5% of income the VAT and high taxes.....and only get 70% back from the gov't? and have to buy private insurance to 'fill the gap' of the other 30%?

You do realize that you're creating a pipe dream here right? We have no plan in America so how can you say it would cost this or that? You are picking the most expensive and least covered and using that as the paradigm against which you fight. Instead, why not believe Americans can do much better than anyone else and take the best of all the programs and make it work even better here?

Do I think that a nationalized health insurance plan will be the be all and end all of the issues? No. Do I think the American entrepreneurial spirit will come up with innovative extra insurance plans to cover whatever the main one does not? Sure.

But I also believe we cannot possibly get more inefficient than the system we currently have. So anything else would be an improvement. I don't want to settle for just anything else, I want to move the debate from the idiotic notion that the current system ought to be defended into a debate on how we change it for the better.

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