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Subject:  Re: End of the Health Care debate Date:  6/8/2009  7:25 PM
Author:  TeraGram Number:  19322 of 117654

Tax rates as a percentage of GDP
US: 28%
Canada: 33%

Debt as a percentage of GDP
US - 65%
Canada - 28%

Our taxes are high - we're just not paying them - yet.

Cripes that makes me wince. I look at my 8 year old daughter and wonder how in blazes her generation is going to muster through the crap we're dishing out right now.

I'm doing what I can do lay a solid foundation for her, though. She's bilterate and I'm currently scoping out instructors for her next language (Mandarin).

I wish I could've gotten her into Mandarin first (it is by far a more difficult language than Spanish or English if for no other reason that you have to learn an entirely different writing system, too) but whachyagonnado!?
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