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Subject:  Re: New Member Pages Date:  6/14/2009  1:35 AM
Author:  sykesix Number:  20 of 376

Let me guess. For the last few development meetings, the buzz word had been "social networking." So the suits decided they were going to get in on "the ground floor."

Here's the bad news. That ship has sailed. It sailed a long, long, time ago. There's already a TMF group on Facebook. People who want to social network with their TMF buddies are already there, and that's where the action is. Coming up with a lame copy ain't going to bring the ship back.

This is what I would do if I was running a TMF development meeting. I would *ask* why do people come to the TMF boards, and *how* do they use the site? And based on the answers to those questions, I'd ask how cam we improve that experience. The first guy who suggested a buzz word as an answer to those questions would be mocked, and then asked to leave to the room. "Hey man, I got an idea. Total Quality Management."

People do come here for social networking of course, and options for expanding the personal profile probably isn't a bad thing. It could have been done in 1999 though.

As far as I can tell, nothing else does a damn thing to improve the functionality of the boards, a couple things seem to make the boards less functional. One thing seems to make the boards at once both less functional and less social is no more Favorite Fools. A lot people used it like a social network "If you be my fave, I'll be yours." And some people used it to keep tabs on posters they liked. How does getting rid of it improve anything?

One thing I liked doing was finding a favorite fool (whether they were in my favorites or not) and glancing over their recent posts. Found a lot of great posts that way and also some new boards. The Facebook newsfeed format makes that a horror. That's fine for Facebook, but it is not how I use that feature. Does anyone want a day by day blow recap of my posting and reccing history? Seriously. Why would anything think that would be a good feature.

One thing that would be really, really helpful is a search function that works. That's been a problem for how long? That seems to be a problem unique to TMF. All other message boards I use have a search function that works great.

The original TMF board developers really nailed a couple things right off the bat. The boards look and feel unique, yet they are functional. They haven't really changed a whole since I started posting here ten years ago, which I think speaks to how well the original guys did. There have been a couple notable improvements (like the rec system) since then, but for the most part new changes have bombed. The reason they bombed is because they didn't add functionality. The current ones don't either.
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