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Subject:  Aruaraugh! Date:  8/14/2009  10:55 AM
Author:  Colovion Number:  495 of 512

Why do women have to be so... illogical?

It's not a difficult concept: If they get what they want, they shouldn't continue to nag about it! See, the way it works is that we want a certain outcome, but what prevents us from making that happen is we know women nag about it. So we don't do it as that maximizes our happiness. However, if we do it and they continue to nag, that changes the entire equation! Not getting what we want AND having to listen to them nag anyway is the WORST POSSIBlE outcome! If they're going to nag anyway we might as well do what we want as under those circumstances it is the BEST outcome we can get!

You want to know the worst part? In this most recent instance of this happening to me I was going to do something nice for HER parents/my in-laws (and I would have benefitted as well, but if it wasn't for their need I wouldn't have even considered it.) However, she didn't like the cost of it. I said, "Alright, I agree, we won't do it then." She then proceeds to start nagging me about how much money I've spent on similar items in the past. SHE ALREADY WON, SO WHY KEEP NAGGING ME ABOUT IT?!? I conceded, I agreed with you... what's the point of rubbing salt in the wound? Gah!
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