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Subject:  Re: Punctuation. Date:  8/15/2009  6:19 PM
Author:  MichaelRead Number:  9790 of 14205

WERE the 18 years a punishment, or are you thinking of (understood) the whole period of 18 years WAS a punishment?

It is stuff like this I used to explain daily to my students for a small hourly wage!

Big Momma

Very picky in Latin French or English but messy in everything else in life.

On reflection, it were a punishment; in participation, it was.

In newsrooms writing for tomorrow’s fish wrap (an oldie but still a goodie) it never rose to the heights I had expected since bylines never met bills. In editing trade magazines (also not glamorous since much time was spent on building sites) I occupied a cubicle and the only excitement ever was setting my wastepaper basket on fire, pushing it into the hallway, and doing a dance around it. Script writing was slightly better but matched Ben Hecht’s “I'm a Hollywood writer, so I put o