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Subject:  Re: Retirement in danger Date:  8/22/2009  11:46 AM
Author:  ziggy29 Number:  1337 of 1845

>> and some will work at minimum wages all their life and never have the luxury of money to invest in any way <<

Nice to see a long-dead thread resurrected like Lazarus. This is going to sound a little heartless and I don't mean it to, but to some degree, working for minimum wage all your life is probably a *choice*.

Why do I say that? There are, over the course of a lifetime, plenty of low cost training and educational opportunities available for many people. Many people who are sufficiently motivated to get out of that cycle can attend a community college, often at very low cost (and possibly even for nothing depending on what programs are available to assist in paying for it), taking a class here and there until they have a degree or certificate making them much more employable in other fields that pay better.

I know that working 40+ hours and having family responsibilities often leaves little time for retraining on your own time, but if someone is sufficiently motivated to avoid a lifetime of minimum wage jobs, don't let it be said that they are completely "trapped" and that their future is completely out of their control.

I sympathize with people in this situation, but I don't sympathize with those in this situation who would demand that the world adapt to them rather than the other way around. The world doesn't owe any of us a living.

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