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Subject:  Re: It's already starting Date:  8/24/2009  12:42 PM
Author:  temsike Number:  15462 of 20632

<snip>You realize Chavez just had 'education reform'? Now, the kiddies will have commisars...oops, little czars that control the education process to make sure all the little kiddies become good Chavez socialists and learn about 'the Bolivian revolution' and revolutions worldwide - like in Cuba, North Korea, etc.<snip>

Every country slants their educational systems to favor those in power. Even the US and A believe it or not.

Unlike YOU tele, I've had the advantage of receiving my education from two different countries-- USA and a Latin American one. I went to primary and secondary school in both countries. I attended college and professional school in the Latin American one. Then did post-graduate training in the USA. And then I did a masters degree in the USA.

Both those countries have basic similarities and differences. Both are mainly Xian countries with White majorities. Both are democratic. The US is a center-right country and the Latin American country is center-left leaning.

The main differences is that one country is huge, rich, and the most warmongering nation in recent history with over 180 military interventions in other countries's internal affairs since the end of WWII. The other country is poorer and eliminated its armed forces over 50 years ago.

Religion and sports are other differences. In the Latin American country, religion is a social phenomena. In the USA, religion is spiritual and Americans take their religion far more seriously. The main sport of the USA is American football while the main sport of the Latin country is WORLD football.

You can imagine the differences in what both countries teach regarding history and social studies.

I prefer the Latin American country in every way EXCEPT for the fact that I can STILL make significantly more money in the USA vs the smaller country. But even that is changing.

The only reasons why I'm back in the USA is because:
#1, my two children needed to come here young so they can learn to speak English and get a good dose of "Americana" because the USA dominates both American continents but that is changing also with the rise of Brazil and South America.
#2, I'm involved in a job that I absolutely love and that generates a very nice income.

Other than that, I hate it here and can't wait to go back to the Latin country. I'm hoping to get out of Dodge next summer and take my family back to, what I consider, a far better lifestyle.
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