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Subject:  What do you think of this plan? Date:  8/25/2009  2:26 PM
Author:  mheusser Number:  227 of 294


I am risk-averse and I don't trust paper (eg stocks). I believe the market forces such as day-traders, brokerage houses, even senior management of some companies have a conflict of interest with Joe long-term retirement investor(*). Yet I recognize that the stock market has had a decent historical return.

I just re-jiggered by retirement plans to put a large % of my tax-advantaged money in an annuity that is insured, acts like a CD, and is guaranteed to return 3% annually; it is currently returning 4.2. Here's my strategy:

Of current Savings, % in:
Taxed-Advantaged Annuities: 57%
Precious Metals Funds: 5%
Savings: 10%
Tax-Advantages ("401K") Mutual Funds: 21%<