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Subject:  My back hurts- Rant Date:  9/30/2009  9:08 PM
Author:  KillroyFool Number:  107238 of 127536

My back has been acting up lately. It's never really caused me any trouble but recently it feels like I'm always carrying a heavy weight on my shoulders. I didn't go to the doctor but I did find the cause of my pain. Little did I know that I was carrying another person on my solders and you probably are too. It's estimated that 47% of all US households will pay no federal taxes in 2009. That means that if your paying, your covering your share as well as the person next to yous share.

This isn't really news to me, but the growing gap between payers and non payers is alarming. At some point those that are paying are likely to throw in the towel, quite their high paying jobs and let the rest fend for themselves. If enough do that, the whole system collapses.

I understand and to a point agree that those that can, should help those that can't, but come on. When almost 50% are in the "can't" category there is a problem.

With a rising deficit, a raging heath care debate (about how we care for more people on my dime), and facing social security becoming insolvent if changes aren't made, the time to action has come.

Are you going to take the fight to Washington to force changes, or throw in the towel?

This country was founded on many principles, one being no taxation without representation. Is it time to change that to no representation with paying your taxation?
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